The College library is situated on the first floor of the building. It is a spacious hall that provides a quiet, serene environment for study.There are approximately  755  books in the library, including some very old books. Recent addition include books on subjects as diverse as computer science, information technology, economics, etc. The library subscribes to many journals and magazines. The library subscribes to many journals and magazines. The library is fully automated.

Members of Library Advisory Committee (LAC):
No. Name Post
1 Dr. Chetana Shah Chairperson
2 Mrs. Sheetal Dhotre Librarian
3 Mrs. Debbie Lobo Member
4 Mr. Vipin Dubey Member
5 Mrs. Mitali Lade Member
6 Mrs. Lubina Gonsalves Member
7 Mr. Nitin Jadhav Member

College Office

The college office is situated on the ground floor, beside Principal’s office. It is quite spacious to accommodate many cubicles for staff members. As shown in photographs, to facilitate fast disposal of work and better service to students, number of counters are opened on either side of the office. There are separate counters for railway concession, leaving certificate, Scholarship, free ship, enrollment etc. During admission time, we open still more counters to accept fees. All the working in office is fully computerized.

To help students and parents by giving personal attention is our policy.


Gymkhana committee:

No. Name Post
1 Dr. Chetana Shah Chairperson
2 Mr. Dharmendra Choudhary Conveyor ( Incharge, Gymkhana Association)
3 Mr. Vipin Dubey Sports Director
4 Mr. Kshitijkumar Jha General Secretary
5 Mr. Himadri Banergee Joint - Secretary
6 Mrs. Sushama Yadav Member
7 Mr. Nitin Jadhav Non - Teaching Staff

Our moto:

" Building Healthy Body in College life Can Prepare Students to Face Challenges in real life"

General Information:

Along with the educational qualification the sports is also a strong aspect of the academic qualification for the students. The Gymkhana Committee selects the representatives such as General Secretary, Joint-Secretary and other Members on the basis of their performance in sports activities in earlier years. These student members are then included in the committee. The college and management through Gymkhana committee encourages students to participate in indoor and outdoor sports events and also participate in inter-collegiate level events. The activities of the Gymkhana starts from the month of August every year, which continuous throughout the academic year. The sports activities are advantages for the students to add additional qualification along with academic qualification in their profile. Our college arranges and provides the coaching in Cricket and Foot ball. Every week, the Gym and Gymkhana are allotted for 3 days to girl students and 3 days for Boys wherein students play indoor games like Table -Tennis, chess, carrom and other

Achievements of Our Students:

1) The Annual Sports Meet is held in the month of December every year

Following competitions are organised for boys as well as girls:

1. 100 and 200 Meters Running
2. Foot-ball
3. Short Put
4. Dodge ball
5. Relay
6. Kho-kho
7. Kabaddi
8. Cricket
9. Volley-Ball

College has got a huge playground. On this ground, our students every day practice for Kabaddi, Kho-Kho, Cricket, Volley-ball, Foot-Ball etc. In this way we try to achieve our motto

Computer Lab

The College has a well designed air-conditioned computer laboratories with LCD facilities. Every student has access to a computer with software designed according to the syllabus. Practical’s are conducted under the supervision of trained IT and Computer staff.

Language Lab

The College has language laboratory with seating arrangement for 30 students. The laboratory is used for programs in English & Communication Skills

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Mon to Fri - 8 AM to 4 PM
Sat - 8 AM to 12 PM