IQAC Committee

The Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) of Shree L. R. Tiwari Degree College of Arts, Commerce & Science was established in 2018, as per the guidelines of National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC). The IQAC has been consistently working towards quality sustenance and enhancement activities, to achieve holistic academic excellence. The objective of the IQAC is to develop a system for conscious, consistent and catalytic action to improve the academic and administrative performance of the College.
To achieve its objectives, the IQAC strives to evolve mechanisms and procedures to ensure timely, efficient and progressive performance of academic, administrative and financial tasks, quality of academic and research programmes, equitable access to academic programmes for various sections of society, optimization and integration of modern methods of teaching and learning, credibility of evaluation procedures, adequacy, maintenance and proper allocation of support structure and services, sharing of research findings and networking with other institutions in India and abroad.
The IQAC functions as a nodal agency of the institution for coordinating quality-related activities, including adoption and dissemination of best practices. Some of the expected functions of IQAC include the development and application of quality benchmarks for various academic and administrative activities of the institution, facilitating the creation of a learner-centric environment conducive to quality education, arrangement for feedback response from stakeholders on quality-related institutional processes, dissemination of information on various quality parameters of higher education, organization of workshops, seminars and promotion of quality circles, documentation of programmes/activities leading to quality improvement, development and maintenance of institutional database through MIS for enhancing the institutional quality, and development of a quality culture in the institution.
The benefits of IQAC include ensuring clarity and focus in institutional functioning towards quality enhancement, internalization of the quality culture, enhancement and coordination among various activities of the institution, providing a sound basis for decision-making to improve institutional functioning, and building an organized methodology of documentation and internal communication.
The IQAC conducts timely meetings to enhance quality education in institutions and social responsibilities and best practices for betterment of societies. It interacts with all stakeholders to know the progress, functioning as well as quality sustenance initiatives undertaken by them. The IQAC is constituted under the chairmanship of the esteemed Principal of the college and includes members from various designations.
Overall, the IQAC of Shree L. R. Tiwari Degree College of Arts, Commerce & Science is committed to ensuring the quality of education and all-round development of its students, faculty and staff, and to create an environment conducive to academic excellence.
1Shri  Rahul L. TiwariSecretary,  Rahul Education
2Dr. Sanjay  MishraChairperson, Principal (SLRTDC)
3Asst . Prof. Rajesh GiriI.Q.A.C.  Coordinator (SLRTDC)
4Asst .Prof. Munira SayyedCoordinator (Dept. of  B.Com)
5Asst .Prof. Daksha ChoudharyCoordinator (Swayam)
6Asst .Pof. Kshitij JhaI.Q.A.C.  Deputy Coordinator (SLRTDC)
7Asst . Prof. Amna HussainCoordinator (Incubation Cell)
8Asst . Prof. Rutika MalikCoordinator (Dept. of  B.Sc.CS)
9Asst . Prof. Rashid ShaikhCoordinator (Dept. of  B.Sc.IT)
10Dr. Arvind LuharAdministrative Officer
11Shri  Ganesh  PatilAdministrative Officer
12Adv. Rajkumar MishraLocal Society
13Mr. Hemant SinghStudent Manager
14Dr. Anju  AryaIQAC Coordinator (SLRTCE)
15Mr.Utsav TiwariIndustrialist
16Mrs. Sangeeta ShethStakeholder(Parent)


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