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It is almost impossible to mention the words ‘higher education’ without ‘innovation’ following closely behind. Despite the clichés, innovation in higher education is not just about staying ahead; it is about staying relevant and sustainable in a globally unpredictable environment.

It is also not about simply disrupting teaching and learning methodologies, but about strategically moulding these methodologies in order to cultivate new ideas, enhance creativity, encourage collaboration, and promote inclusion and diversity.

So, with standards of higher education getting higher and higher, there is an imperative need for institutions to think outside the box and tap into their innovative mind-sets.


To Motivate Students To Bring Ideas That Would Change The World


  • The very first Event was “The Best Business Plan Competition – Share your Plan to make a Difference” conducted on 15th January 2021.
  • The first Webinar was “How to Plan for a Start-up and Entrepreneurship as a Career” conducted on 16th January 2021.
  • The second webinar was “OPPORTUNITIES IN GOVERNMENT SECTOR” conducted on 23rd January 2021.
1Dr. Sanjay G. MishraChairperson
2Ms. Amna HussainCONVENOR
3Ms. Rutika MalikMEMBER
4Mr. Ashwani  DwivediMEMBER
5Ms. Safura PatelMEMBER


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