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Research Cell

The college has taken several steps to promote a Research Culture among the faculty. They include enhancement of the infrastructural facilities, improvement in library facilities, subscription to research journals, provision of free access to internet, etc. Research cell is formed to promote research activities. Student research projects as part of curriculum are undertaken in B.Com, B.A., BMS,BMM,BAF,BSC(I.T) levels. Several faculty members have authored text books, and published papers in ISBN Journals. Teachers are encouraged to participate in conferences and seminars.

Research Guides

Following faculty of our College are the registered Ph.D. Guides.

· Dr.Chetana Shah
· Domain: Commerce and Management
· University:  Bhagwant University, Ajmer.
· Contact: [email protected]

Faculty Presentation

Many of our faculty are popular authors of text-books and reference books. The faculties are also producing excellent research papers every year. They have published a large number of papers, out of which many of them have published in referred national and international journals.

The faculty members have also authored/edited several books and presented research papers in seminars and conferences.

Paper presentation and publication: The Research Cell encourages the teachers to do more publications and also to participate and organize seminars, symposia, conferences and workshops.

Number of Papers Presented by the Faculty


Numbers of Papers Published by the Faculty


Text  Books written by the Faculty for Tech-mac Publications


Text  Books written by the Faculty for Nirali  Publications


Research Facilities

The following research facilities are available in our College.

· The College has a computer laboratory which students and research scholars can use whenever they require.

· The College is well equipped with internet as well as Wi-Fi connection which enable students to use laptops anywhere on the campus.

· An open access library is available for students to access books themselves.

· Audio-visual collections and e-research material are available in the library for the benefit of all.

· The College has an active Research Cell, which encourages more number of students to undertake research projects.

· Teachers are available to mentor and guide students and research scholars.

· Books and reference material for project work are available in the library.

· A reading room is available for students and research scholars throughout the year.

· Teachers and students can place their intend forms for books as per requirements.

· Experts are invited in the College for guest lectures on various topics.

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