Unfair Means Committee

The Unfair Means Committee was established in 2018-19. The Committee is authorized to take disciplinary action against a student for misconduct during examination conducted by the College. They can decide the quantum of punishment after reviewing the nature of malpractices at theory, practical / project report examination.


  • To investigate the case of students involved in unfair means and practices during examinations and reported by the examination committee.
  • To conduct transparent and unbiased investigation in any case of unfair means.
  • To recommend action(s), if any, to the Principal regarding unfair practices.
  • To ensure honesty and fairness during examination.
  • To avoid any malpractice during examination.
Unfair Means Committee
 ChairpersonDr. Sanjay Mishra
ConvenorAsst.Prof. Kshitij Jha
MemberAsst. Prof. Rambhavan Yadav
MemberAsst.Prof. Ajay Gupta
MemberAsst.Prof. Saee Sawant
MemberMr. Nitin Jadhav (O.S.)


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