Counselling Cell

The college office is situated on the ground floor, beside Principal’s office. It is quite spacious to accommodate many cubicles for staff members. As shown in photographs, to facilitate fast disposal of work and better service to students, number of counters are opened on either side of the office. There are separate counters for railway concession, leaving certificate, Scholarship, free ship, enrollment etc. During admission time, we open still more counters to accept fees. All the working in office is fully computerized.

  1. Enhancing Mental Health and creating awareness about Mental health, amongst students and teachers.
  2. Designing and executing ‘Community Development Programme’, for mutual growth.
  3. Developing entrepreneurship skills amongst students.
Activities Involved:

To help students and parents by giving personal attention is our policy.

  1. Film screening
  2. Visits to old age home, animal hospital
  3. Lecture, dialog sessions
Inovative Practices:
  1. Appointment of Psychiatrist
  2. Workshops for teachers earn and learn programme
  3. Formation of support group of parents of children suffering from delicate mental health
  4. Workshop on “Teenagers: Issues and Challenges Related to Mental Health”
Remedial Classes:

In today’s competitive world, performance in the examinations plays a very crucial role in students’ progress later in life. Every department will conduct remedial classes with a focus on achieving better results in the examinations.


Economically under-privileged students are offered text-books under the book-bank.


To cope up with the growing levels of stress faced by the presents generation, the College has adopted the mentorship scheme, where in students are allotted to teachers, who work as their friend philosopher and guide.

Support For “Slow Learner”:

The college has introduced remedial classes for the weaker students. Mentor meetings and excellent teacher- learner communication that prevails in the campus helps to identify slow learners who are given informal assistance to improve their academic competence. During exams half an hour extra time and the facility of a writer as per the University norms is provided to slow learners. Extra hours are devoted by the faculty to help them to understand the difficult modules in the syllabus.



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