Principal’s Desk

Principal of degree college
I/C Principal
Shree L. R. Tiwari Degree College of Arts, Commerce and Science
Ph.D (Mgmt), MBA(HR),, M.A(Eng. Lit), B.Ed, CAE

“Excellence is not a gift but a skill that takes practice. We do not act rightly because we are excellent; in fact we achieve excellence by acting rightly”. Plato

Dear Young Learners,

Heartiest Greetings!!!!

I am delighted to welcome you all to this vibrant institute of learning. This institute being the recently added endeavor of Rahul Education established in 2018, provides the platform to the learners where they can take up the opportunities; challenge their limits of potentials & capabilities to upgrade their skills & shine on both curricular and co-curricular fronts. The youth needs to be empowered and provided with digitalization and technological environment, to channelize their energies towards the productive and creative goals. The knowledge imparted at the college prepares them to face the future with confidence and stability. Let’s also make this youth stronger with emotional quotient and spiritual quotient so that they accept the failure with positive attribute and bounce back with new zeal and vigor to conquer the world around.

I believe that education should not be confined to the walls of the classroom; it should be a means to enable a person to transcend the limits of his perception with creativity and innovative ideas. Education does the finest thing of transforming one's thought, feeling, attitude, and personality which help in eradicating the darkness of ignorance, and enlightening the path of knowledge. This process helps in building a cultured society, developed and compassionate human, with efficient working skills and determination to excel in success. Imparting quality education with the focus on skill development and empowerment of the youth towards entrepreneurship with the thirst for research-based learning, critical and analytical thinking should be the motto of institutes serving the society in higher education. This would help the youth to present themselves in a healthier way in the employability market. The dream in pursuit of the holistic development of the nation can be fulfilled with this revolutionary approach. The blend of industry and academia is the need of the hour, which would help the institutes of higher education to impart the knowledge required for survival in this cutthroat competitive market.

I am extremely happy and profoundly privileged to head this institute. I welcome you all to this institute of higher learning and ensure you of nurturing and compassionate environment that would witness you all blossom into an empowered and sensitive human beings. As an aspiring, intelligent, and determined learner in you should explore new avenues and learn with the pace. I invite you to be an integral part of this vibrant and thrilling journey of endless opportunities at college for learning the spirit of nation-building.