Bachelor of Commerce

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Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com.)


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SLRTDC offers Bachelor of Commerce degree, one of the most demanded courses of the contemporary academic world.Highly professional in nature, the course intends to provide a foundation for students who plan to pursue their career in business, commerce, accounting etc.Our students undergo internship programmes which makes them more adaptable with the industrial world.We also encourage students to organize events such as National Seminars, Inter-college and inter department meets, participate in events organized by other colleges and also get involved in activities of social relevance. They are enabled to think creatively and to develop the right mindset to meet the challenges of the globalized business environment, through value based education, interpersonal relations and outreach programmes.
The Department is regularly hosting academic-oriented programs to equip and nurture the students. With all these inputs one finds our students hardworking, practical-oriented and effective in any work environment. The curriculum is taught by a distinguished faculty combining academic excellence and real world experience with dedication and commitment.

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B.Com. is a three-year program. This is intended for students who want to pursue a career in Accounting, Finance, Banking, Insurance Management, and so on. The course covers major topics ranging from fundamental to advanced concepts in the subject offered in the course.. Business principles, quantitative analysis, case studies, organizational behaviour, and various other perspectives are all introduced to the student. Thus, the curriculum emphasizes both academic subjects like statistics, mathematics, and economics, as well as practical business and accounting subjects like accountancy, law, management, marketing, finance, and so on.
The Bachelor of Commerce programme is intended to provide students with a broad range of managerial skills as well as competence in a specific area of business.

The Program provides a thorough understanding of the burgeoning fields of commerce, accounting, and management. The Program prepares young learners to pursue professional programmes such as CA, CMA, and CS, as well as a variety of other governmental exams that will prepare them for future employment. As a result, aspirants who have completed their Bachelors of Commerce can work in a variety of departments such as legal, administration, marketing, accounting, and so on.

Course Intake :  240 seats
Course Duration: 3 years (6 Semesters)





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