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Bachelor of Commerce in Accounting & Finance (B.A.F.)


Shree L. R. Tiwari Degree College, One of the top institutions in Mumbai offers Bachelor of Accounting and Finance/Bachelor of Commerce in Accounting and Finance programme which was introduced by the University of Mumbai in 2003-04. It is a three-year self-financed degree programme divided into six semesters, or two semesters per year, with a focus on Accounting and Finance. It also allows you to gain a broader understanding of the financial aspects of business and management.

The course will include 39 subjects and one black book project.
This is a three-year full-time programme introduced by the University of Mumbai with the goal of increasing self-employment and assisting businesses by providing them with suitably trained professionals in the field of accounting and finance. The learners specialize in finance and accounting, gaining a deeper understanding on a micro level.

Every academic year is divided into two semesters. The course is divided into 40 modules, each of which contains 40 papers. The performance of the learners will be evaluated in two parts: one will be an internal assessment worth 25 points, and the other will be an external examination worth 75 points.



Learners will have access to opportunities in the financial sectors after completing the course. They can even get a Master’s Degree in this field. Learners can work as chartered accountants (CA), financial risk managers (FRM), MBA in finance, Chartered finance analysts (CFA), company secretaries (CS), accounting assistants, financial planners, bankers, portfolio managers, stock brokers, traders, analysts, and so on. They can even appear for their Company Secretarial and Charter Accounting exams during their final year.

Course Intake: 120 Seats

Course Duration: 3 Years (6 Semesters)

Admission Eligibility 

Bachelor of Commerce In Accounting & Finance Syllabus

Shree L. R. Tiwari Degree College’s Bachelor of Commerce in Accounting & Finance program is a comprehensive three-year undergraduate course designed to equip students with the necessary skills and knowledge to pursue a career in the accounting and finance sector. The program covers various topics such as financial accounting, cost accounting, auditing, taxation, and financial management. Our experienced faculty members ensure that students receive the best possible education, and practical exercises, case studies, and real-world projects provide hands-on experience in accounting and finance. Upon completion of the program, students can pursue a career in accounting, auditing, taxation, financial analysis, and financial management or further studies in the field of accounting and finance.

Program Outcome

Shree L. R. Tiwari Degree College’s Bachelor of Commerce in Accounting & Finance program provides a strong foundation in accounting and finance concepts and principles, as well as practical experience through various exercises, case studies, and projects. Graduates are equipped to pursue a variety of careers in the accounting and finance sector and meet industry demands.


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