Bachelor of Commerce in Banking & Insurance

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For individuals who want to pursue a career in banking, one of the best colleges is Shree L. R. Tiwari Degree College, which provides a Bachelor of Banking & Insurance degree. Through theory and practical exercises, the course aims to provide students a thorough understanding of the real world of banking and insurance. It gives you not only academic understanding but also practical application assistance and adequate exposure to market changes, new banking rules and regulations, etc. for students. Presentations, projects, and assignments are used to train students in order to assist them better understand the dynamics of finance.

A three-year undergraduate programme called the Bachelor of Banking & Insurance (BBI) is broken up into six semesters. It is set up to offer training in financial, banking, accounting, insurance law, insurance laws, and other related fields. The business potential of banking and insurance has greatly increased during the past few years. 39 subjects and 1 black book project make up the course.

The learner has the skills needed to work with banks, insurance firms, and financial organizations after completing the course.



A gap that can be filled by recently graduated students will be created by the addition of more than 65 lac new professionals in the financial sector over the course of the next 5–6 years, according to estimates. The student has the option of pursuing a master’s degree in banking and insurance. They can also work in a variety of professions, including financial planning firm, insurance firm , insurance companies, accounting firms, taxation firms, chartered accountancy CA , Auditing etc.
Course Intake :  60 seats
Course Duration: 3 years (6 Semesters)

Admission Eligibility 

Bachelor of Commerce In Banking & Insurance Syllabus