Research, Innovation, Incubation & IPR Cell


Overview of the Cell

“No research without action, no action without research.” – Kurt Lewin (1890-1947), German-American social psychologist.

Research stands as an indispensable pillar in the teaching-learning continuum, recognized as the bedrock of education. It serves as a conduit for educators to identify collaborative opportunities, share knowledge, embrace innovative practices, and cultivate skill development. Acknowledging the pivotal role of research in education, Shree L.R. Tiwari Degree College has instituted its Research & Development Cell, providing a platform for faculty members and students across disciplines to exchange expertise and enhance their research acumen.

Our approach integrates research seamlessly into academics, fostering strategic partnerships with leading institutes and universities at the forefront of pioneering technologies. By intertwining research with academic pursuits, our goal is to equip every member of our institution with the latest skills and knowledge in their respective fields. This collaborative environment enriches the research experiences of our faculty and students, empowering them to contribute to the advancement of knowledge and the development of innovative practices.


“To transform the Research Innovation, Incubation, and IPR Cell into a world-class center through research, innovation, and creative activities among students and faculty members, contributing to the economic and social advancement of the nation.”


“The Research, Innovation, Incubation, and IPR Cell is committed to creating an inclusive and accessible environment for all research enthusiasts within and around the college.”


The Research, Innovation, Incubation, and IPR Cell serves as a multifaceted unit with interconnected objectives aimed at fostering a culture of research, innovation, entrepreneurship, and intellectual property rights. The specific objectives of such a cell typically include:

Research Excellence: Promoting high-quality research across disciplines to advance knowledge within the institution.

Innovation Facilitation: Creating an environment that fosters innovative thinking, problem-solving, and the development of novel ideas.

Entrepreneurial Support: Providing resources and mentorship to students, faculty, and alumni interested in entrepreneurial ventures, ensuring a seamless transition from ideation to business implementation.


Incubation Program Management: Establishing and managing incubation programs to nurture and support start-up ventures originating from the academic community.

Interdisciplinary Collaboration: Facilitating collaboration and knowledge exchange across different disciplines to address complex challenges holistically.

Industry Partnerships: Developing and strengthening partnerships with industries, startups, and research organizations to bridge academic research with real-world applications.

Vibrant Research Community: Fostering a research culture through seminars, conferences, workshops, and events that promote knowledge sharing and collaboration among faculty and students.

IPR Awareness: Raising awareness about Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) and guiding researchers and innovators in protecting their creations through patents, copyrights, and trademarks.

By addressing these objectives, a Research, Innovation, Incubation, and IPR Cell contributes to creating a dynamic ecosystem that promotes academic excellence, innovation, and the successful transition of ideas from conception to implementation.


Mission :

Shree L.R. Tiwari Degree College of Arts, Commerce, and Science has established a dedicated Research and Development & Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) Cell with the purpose of cultivating a research-oriented environment and promoting research-based teaching and learning practices within the institution.

The primary objective of the cell is to facilitate seamless research operations for the SLRTDC research community and enable them to effectively showcase their findings through various platforms. The college places great importance on equipping its students with technological competence, and both students and faculty members actively engage in diverse research activities. These activities encompass book publications, patent filings, participation in project competitions and idea contests, as well as the organization of conferences, workshops, and seminars on cutting-edge scientific and technological areas.
To further enhance the research framework, the college actively collaborates with industries, aiming to foster stronger research partnerships and drive improved research outcomes. The aspiration is to become a frontrunner in academic research and development.

Additionally, the Research, Innovation, Incubation & IPR Cell strives to instill an entrepreneurial mindset in students and ignite their passion for innovation. It offers training opportunities for students interested in pursuing entrepreneurship as a profession. Through these initiatives, the cell aims to establish a fully functional ecosystem that supports and nurtures entrepreneurship and innovation within the college.