Vision & Mission

Vision & Mission


“To kindle the spirit of learning among the youth, irrespective of socio- economic differences, to consistently pursue excellence preserving the tradition of high reputation while meeting the challenges of the globalized world.”


“To Provide Equal Opportunities for Holistic Education and ensure the all-round development of students. Create a human capital, which can be an asset to the nation.”


  • To deliver excellent and affordable education, catering to all segments of society.
  • To promote holistic development of students by integrating academic pursuits with intellectual growth and practical experiences.
  • To nurture and refine students’ skills to enhance their learning and equip them for prosperous career journeys.
  • To build state-of-the-art infrastructure to enhance the teaching-learning experience and cultivate an optimal educational setting.
  • To promote a culture of research and innovation, motivating students to explore and make meaningful contributions to society.
  • To cultivate an entrepreneurial mindset through collaborative ventures with fellow institutions and industry partners.


As an institution of higher education administered by the government of Maharashtra, Shree Rahul Education Society is committed to principal of Social Inclusion, Ensuring equal opportunity to all the students irrespective of their education in a ragging-free learning environment for a holistic development of personality of the students to actualize their potential through sustained efforts.

The college has a commitment towards the parents of the students, the potential employers as well as towards the winder society to build human capital that can be a valuable asset to the nation, and contribute to its collective endeavor of emerging as a global leaders.