B. Sc. - Computer Science


In the first year i.e. for semester I & II, a basic foundation of important skills required for software development is laid. The syllabus proposes to have four core subjects of computer science and two core courses of mathematics-statistics. All core subjects are proposed to have theory as well as practical tracks. While the computer science courses will form fundamental skills for solving computational problems, the mathematics & statistics course will inculcate research-oriented acumen.
We sincerely believe that any student taking this course will get a very strong foundation and exposure to basic, advanced and emerging trends of the subject. We hope that the students’ community and teachers’ fraternity will appreciate the treatment given to the courses in the syllabus.
Bachelor of Science in Computer Science makes students ready to work with numerous IT and software companies as it focuses on computing methods, programming, and databases. Students during the three-year programme study a wide range of subjects such as operating system, number system and codes, control structures, arrays, and functions.

Future Prospects:

Computer science is one of the most profitable education options for students seeking a challenging and rewarding career. Continuing advances in information technology create an almost unlimited demand for people with a background in this area. Some jobs options after the course includes Application Analyst, Database Administrator, Games Developer, Information Systems Manager, Systems Analyst, Web Designer etc.

Course Intake : 60 Seats
Course Duration: 3 years (6 Semesters)
Eligibility :




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