Timetable Committee

Introduction :
The Shree L.R. Tiwari Degree College of Arts, Commerce, and Science time table committee understands the value of time and ensures that students use it appropriately. This helps students stays organized and utilize time efficiently, which increases productivity. At the start of each semester, the committee creates the class schedule with the active participation of the committee members by gathering information on the allocation of the teaching load among individual faculty members and allocating classrooms. Make the faculty members’ schedules by consulting the schedules for their classes. Display the class Timetable on the notice board for the benefit of the students and send a copy to each faculty.


  1. To ensure workload is equitably distributed among the members of the staff providing adequate time for preparation between the lectures.
  2. Smooth and efficient management of academic programs through the semesters.
  3. To allocate classes in Lecture halls, Computer Labs, and Library Without any overlapping.
  4.  To ensure that the timetable is disseminated to all faculty members, concerned staff, and students.