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Courses After 12th Science Other Than Engineering and Medical

Engineering and Medicine has been one of the top courses in the mindset of the students since a very long time but as the world is changing the needs of the students are also changing and their way of understanding the world also has another eye all together. The lucrative career options and exposure to various innovative technologies are tempting youngsters to choose these courses.

However, the fact is that there are a lot more course choices where you can find a good career option and a better future. Hence, top courses which a student can choose post 12th std other than engineering and medical would be:

Bachelor of Science (B.Sc) courses

Once Engineering took the limelight; this course was degraded for no reason by many parents and students.However, the fact is that this course gives you various opportunities to study diverse subject areas and today’s IT companies are recruiting the best candidates from B.Sc holders too. sYou can go for M.Sc followed by this degree to look forward to a promising career. This course offers very good scope for research fields and the career can be lucrative for those who take the course seriously.
The course in various disciplines like

  1. IT
  2. Computer Science
  3. Agriculture
  4. Physics
  5. Hotel Management
  6. Nautical Science
  7. Horticulture
  8. Forestry
  9. Chemistry
  10. Electronics and Communication
  11. Sc. Biotechnology
  12. Mathematics
  13. Electronics

Integrated law courses

The higher secondary pass outs who are interested to pursue a career in law have lots of integrated law courses which can shape up a good career. Just like Medicine and Engineering courses, law courses can be a good option for students who have specialized in science.
Some of the integrated law courses include

  1. Sc. + LL.B.
  2. Com. + LL.B.
  3. Com. + LL.B.
  4. BBA + LL.B.

You can also pursue many certification courses recognized by the government in addition to this degree to grow up in your role or improve your job prospects.

Bachelor of Architecture (B. Arch)

This is a course of 5 years duration which can be pursued by students following higher secondary education. The course will produce quality licensed and professional architects who can be part of private and government construction ventures. The increase in demand for the construction of flyovers, shopping malls, and commercial complexes has improved the job prospects of architects.
Pursuing the course from a reputed institution can increase the chances of getting placed in top firms.

Teaching Courses

This is not just a usual profession like a white-collar job or a highly lucrative option but teachers are the persons remembered by a generation of students. The teacher can influence the students and create better future citizens. After completing the plus two education, students can opt for various teaching courses such as
1. Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.)
2. Diploma in Early Childhood Care and Education
3. El. Ed. and M.A. in Elementary Education
You may also try your luck in physical education or the most interesting task of teaching the teachers by applying for NET exam followed by a master’s degree.

Fashion Design Courses

Students who have a passion for fashion and designing can pursue their degree in this field. The courses are focussed on building groundwork in the design sense, conceptualization, research, and individual artistic expression. Unlike other courses, those students with an artistic and creative mind-set can only excel in the field.
Some of the commonly opted undergraduate programs in fashion design include

  1. Fashion Design and Technology
  2. Fashion Communication
  3. Interior Designing
  4. Design (Accessory)
  5. Design (Leather)
  6. Textile Design
  7. Product Design
  8. Furniture and Interior Design course

Those passionate students who opt for an additional master degree or specific certification courses can find a lucrative career inside the country as well as round the world.

Bachelor of Pharmacy (B Pharm)

Students who are interested in the field of medicine but looking something other than being a doctor can opt for B Pharm. Those who have passed the higher secondary education can pursue this course on pharmacy education. Following this course of 4 years duration, a person gets the license to practice as a pharmacist. This is a job oriented course and the graduates can work in various fields in public and private sector such as manufacture, prescription, & provision of medicines.

Marine field courses

Do you love to experience different cultures, travel to foreign ports and explore the beauty of the sea while earning a decent salary. Then you can try your luck in any of the marine field courses after your higher secondary education. In the first choice, you may take a diploma in marine engineering or look at more diploma and B.Sc. courses in areas such as

  1. Logistics and Shipping
  2. Naval Architecture and Offshore Engineering
  3. Nautical Science
  4. Ship Building and Repair
  5. Maritime Science

Looking for top Architecture colleges in India? Architecture is the process and product of planning, designing, and building buildings and any other structures. After 12th Science Students are eligible to apply but Post-12th Arts and Courses courses after 12 Commerce students are not eligible to apply. A minimum of 10 + 2 in PCM Group Qualifications is required to study the properties.

6 subjects are construction and the right person to pursue after class 12. In these courses, students must appear in the JEE Main 2022, NATA 2022 entrance exams. Students must obtain 50% marks in grades 10 and 12. The person with the diploma also applies for admission to Architecture. Students can do internships with Architecture courses and it will help other Architects to develop practical knowledge and improve job opportunities.

  1. Indo-Tibetan Border Police Force
  2. National Defence Academy
  3. SSC Combined Higher Secondary Level
  4. SSC Multi Tasking Staff
  5. Indian Coast Guard
  6. Border Security Force
  7. Railway Recruitment Board
  8. CISF
  9. SSC Stenographer
  10. Indian Army

To Become a Fashion Designer After 12 years, candidates can pursue courses at their Undergraduate and Postgraduate level as set out below,

UG Level Preparation: Various UG Degrees such as B.Sc Fashion Designing, Diploma in Fashion Design etc. Entry Examinations are usually conducted to enroll students in these Undergraduate Fashion Design Courses.
PG Level Preparation:Subjects such as M.Sc Fashion Designing, MA Fashion Designing, Masters of Fashion Management. In PG courses as well, various entrance exams are conducted in student enrollment colleges.

  1. Learn more about community services. Find out about the life of a civil servant or diplomat. If possible, talk to an IAS official and find out about the facts below the horse’s mouth. Ask yourself, ‘Is this really what I want? If your answer is ‘yes’, keep.
  2. Take graduate courses that include history and politics. These lessons are very important in the UPSC syllabus.
  3. By the time you graduate, read these lessons and remember the UPSC syllabus well. If you can get a success in these courses, you can also choose one of them as a subject of your choice. (Check the pass rate of your choice at UPSC.)
  4. Also, start learning about social management, economics, etc. You can study these subjects as your main course, it all depends on your interests and ability.
  5. Do not miss the basics you learned at school. This is required in the CSAT paper on IAS Prelims. Learn more about the IAS test pattern.
  6. Remember to study as an IAS person and not a college student. (Get inspiration from previous years of IAS Toppers.)
  7. Use your college library. Read as many relevant books as possible.
  8. Establish a habit of reading the daily newspaper and keep abreast of the latest developments in the country and the world. (You can follow the Daily News Analysis (DNA) to prepare your current news.)
  9. Work with your social skills and communication skills. Try to develop a positive personality that will help you in the IAS interview later. (know the top 10 qualities of an IAS official.)
  10. Do not throw away your school’s NCERT textbooks. These are the basic books you should read for the UPSC exam.

B.Pharm is the best course for you after the 12th.

Bachelor of Pharmacy (B.Pharm) is a graduate student in the field of pharmacy education. Students with an interest in the field of medicine (other than a doctor) may choose this course after completing the 12th grade (PCM / B). After graduating, students can practice as a Pharmacist. Pharmacists can work in a variety of industries related to the supply, manufacture and supply of medicines. The duration of this course is 4 years.



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