Co-curriculum Activities

Activity:Orientation Program
Activity level:Departmental
Title:Report on Orientation Program for FYBAF
Organized by:Bachelor in Accounting and Finance (BAF)
Venue:Auditorium, Shree L. R. Tiwari Degree College
Date:31st July, 2023
Time:10.15 am To 11:30 am.
Objective of event:To familiarize the students with the college’s history, vision, mission, values, and culture.
Expected Outcomes  of event :
  1. Introduction of the college to new students.
  2. Facilitating a smooth transition for first-year students.
  3. Promoting a sense of community.
  4. The event left the students feeling enthusiastic, well-informed, and excited to embark on their college journey.
Targeted Participants :First Year Students
Total Participants:23
Resource Person:Dr.Sanjay Mishra & Faculty of BAF Department
Methodology used:
  1. PowerPoint Presentation.
  2. Discussion
Supportive Documents


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