Bachelor of Commerce in Banking & Insurance

Programme Outcomes (POs)

Are you interested in pursuing a career in banking and insurance? Look no further than Shree L. R. Tiwari Degree College of Arts, Commerce & Science in Mira Road! Our Bachelor of Commerce Banking & Insurance program is designed to equip you with the knowledge, skills and attitudes required to succeed in the dynamic world of banking and insurance.

Our program offers a comprehensive curriculum that covers diverse subjects in various commercial fields, banking and insurance. You will gain a deep understanding of the principles, concepts and theories that underpin these industries, and learn how to apply this knowledge to real-world situations. Our faculty of experienced professionals will guide you through critical thinking exercises and case studies, helping you to develop your problem-solving and analytical skills.

  • PO 1: Knowledge Ability to gain and apply knowledge of principles, concepts and theories in different areas of Banking and Insurance to demonstrate knowledge and understanding in diverse subjects in various commercial fields, banking and insurance.
  • PO 2: Critical ThinkingAcquire the ability to apply basic views of logical thoughts, actions and develops the self-critical abilities to view positions, problems and social issues from plural perspective and compare it with real business scenario and to analyse and interpret the financial statements and accounting activities involved in the banking and insurance.
  • PO 3: Innovation and Creative Thinking To encourage entrepreneurial and business culture through innovations and creative thinking that develops attitude to provide solutions to the problems in the banking and insurance as well as address the needs of the society.
  • PO 4: Effective Communication, Interpersonal Skill and Social Skill Develops effective interpersonal skills and display efficient verbal, non-verbal and written communication and acquire ability to use appropriate media to speak, read, write and listen effectively with all stakeholders and learn to articulate, analyse, synthesise and evaluate ideas and situation in well informed manner.
  • PO5 : Interdisciplinary Perceives knowledge as an organic, comprehensive, interrelated and integrated faculty of human minds which develops aesthetic, social humanistic and artistic sensibilities for problem solving and understanding the issues of environmental context in all disciplines.
  • PO6 : Employability Skills Exhibits employability skills like problem solving skills, decision making skills interpersonal skills , soft skills, leadership skill, financial skills, IT skills to be an employable citizens of the country.
  • PO7: Environmental Consciousness and Sustainability Learns to participate in nation building by adhering to the principles of sovernity of nation, develop the practice on gender sensitive attitudes, environmental awareness, and empathetic social awareness and analyse the business issues and action that have an impact on environment consciousness and sustainability.
  • PO8: Ethics Understand and recognise the value system, moral dimensions and self-responsibility for nation and society. Demonstrates personal, intellectual integrity and academic accountability and develops an ability to understand and apply professional ethics.
So if you want to pursue a successful career in banking and insurance, come join us at Shree L. R. Tiwari Degree College of Arts, Commerce & Science in Mira Road. Apply now!