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Career in Hospitality Industry

The Training and Placement Cell of our college organized a seminar on 4th April 2022, Monday at 11:00 am at the Moot Court. The seminar was specifically targeted towards students of BAF, BBI, BMS, BMM, and B.Com, and was conducted in collaboration with the Caresoft Foundation. The primary objective of the event was to provide students with valuable insights and job opportunities in the Hospitality Industry, specifically the Hospital Management System.
The seminar commenced with an introduction by Mr. Munirs Sayyed, the coordinator of the training and placement cell. He welcomed all the students and guests present at the event. Dr. Sanjay Mishra, the Principal of our degree college, delivered a warm welcome speech to set the tone for the seminar.
The guest speaker for the day was Ms. Smita Kumar, the Co-Founder of Caresoft Foundation. She shared her own experiences and journey in the industry, offering valuable guidance to young and aspiring graduates. Ms. Kumar emphasized the importance of staying updated with the latest trends in the industry and acquiring the necessary skills for employment opportunities.
The students’ response to the seminar was incredible, with 54 students enrolling for this session. Ms. Kumar guided the students on various scenarios of conducting placements in different companies. She provided insights into the process and shared tips on how to excel in placement interviews. Her expertise and knowledge in the field of Hospitality Management were greatly appreciated by the students.
The Training and Placement Cell aims to ensure that such seminars and events benefit the students by providing them with access to employability enhancement-related activities and placement opportunities in the Hospitality Industry. The ultimate goal is to help students secure promising job prospects and embark on successful careers in the field.
We hope that the knowledge and insights gained from this seminar prove to be fruitful for our students. The Training and Placement Cell will continue to organize similar events in the future to assist students in their career pursuits and facilitate meaningful connections between industry professionals and students.

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