Co-curriculum Activities

Activity level:Inter Department
Title:Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
Organized by:B.Sc. Information Technology & B.Sc. Computer Science
Venue:Auditorium, Shree L. R. Tiwari  Degree College
Date:22nd June, 2023
Time:9.30 am To 11:45 am.
Objective of event:The purpose of this seminar is to inform students about the courses in artificial intelligence and machine learning offered by _VOIS and how these courses will help them progress their careers.
Expected Outcomes  of event :
  • Students gained a fundamental understanding of what AI and ML are, their basic concepts and how they differ from traditional programming approaches.
  • Students understood about the current trends, advancements and future prospects in AI and ML &how these courses will help students advance their careers in the technical field.
  • Students gained a thorough understanding of the features and functionalities of the specific LMS – Learning Management system (_VOIS) used. This included how to: navigate the system, accessing course materials, submitting assignment, to track their progress and mark completion of modules/ units.,  access different resources within the course, to generate certificates.
Targeted Participants :S.Y., T.Y
Total Participants:160
Resource Person:Mr. Hrishikesh Mahure
Methodology used:
  1. Powerpoint presentation.
  2. Presentation with notes and comments.
  3. Discussion
Supportive Documents