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  • The working hours of the college library will be from morning 8.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m.
  • The library card will be issued for the first time without any charge.
  • In every Semester on producing the library card, one book will be issued for 7 days (General Book issue for 14 days), CD/ DVD, Journal/Magazine will be issued only for library reading.
  • The Library Card is a must while issuing any library materials. (Books, CD/DVD, Journals/Magazines, etc.)
  • A penalty of Rupees One per day per book, and a penalty of Rupees ten per day per CD/DVD for late submission
  • Penalty of Rupee Ten per day per Magazine/Journal) for late submission
  • In case of a public holiday or vacation, the books can be issued/ renewed on prior planning.
  • Book/CD/DVD/Magazine cannot be kept for a longer period without informing under any circumstances.
  • Reference books cannot be issued. They can be photo copied on producing Library Card and they have to be submitted back immediately after photocopy.
  • In case of the loss of any book, the same or the next new edition is to be replaced otherwise an equivalent to the book cost is to be paid. In case of loss of any Journal/Magazine, the same issue is to be replaced otherwise a penalty will be levied. Similarly, on the loss of CD a penalty will be levied
  • In case of a loss library card, a duplicate can be issued from library by submitting an application and a fee of Rs.20/-. The amount has to be paid to the Administrative office and a receipt has to be obtained.
  • Check the condition of the book while getting it issued. If the condition gets worse who returning the books, a penalty will be levied.


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