Bachelor of Arts in Multimedia and Mass Communication

Programme Outcomes (POs)
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  • PO 1: KnowledgeAbility to express thoughts and ideas effectively in writing and orally; Communicate with others utilizing proper media; certainly share one’s perspectives and articulate their thoughts; show the capacity to listen cautiously, read and compose scientifically, and present complex data in a reasonable and brief way to various groups.
  • PO 2: Critical Thinking Capability to apply scientific idea to a collection of information; break down and assess proof, contentions, claims, convictions based on observational proof; recognize significant suppositions or suggestions; plan sound contentions; basically assess practices, strategies and speculations by following logical way to deal with information advancement.
  • PO 3: Innovation and Creative Thinking Capacity to assess the unwavering quality and pertinence of proof; distinguish intelligent blemishes and openings in the contentions of others; dissect and blend information from an assortment of sources; reach substantial determinations and backing them with proof and models, and tending to restricting perspectives. Ability to extrapolate from what one has realized and apply their skills to tackle various types of non-natural issues, as opposed to repeat educational program content information; and apply one’s learning to genuine circumstances.
  • PO 4: Effective Communication, Interpersonal Skill and Social Skill Creates successful relational abilities and show proficient verbal, non-verbal and composed correspondence and gain capacity to utilize proper media to talk, read, compose and listen actually with all partners and figure out how to express, break down, combine and assess thoughts and circumstance in all well informed way.
  • PO5 : Interdisciplinary Understand information as a natural , thorough, interrelated and incorporated staff of human personalities which creates stylish, social humanistic and imaginative sensibilities for critical thinking ,creative thinking and getting the issues of ecological setting in all disciplines.
  • PO6 : Employability Skills Displays employability abilities like critical thinking abilities, dynamic abilities relational abilities , delicate abilities, authority expertise, monetary abilities, ICT abilities to be an employable residents of the country. And also Possess knowledge of the values and beliefs of multiple cultures and a global perspective; and capability to effectively engage in a multicultural society and interact respectfully with diverse groups.
  • PO7: Environmental Consciousness and SustainabilityEvaluate how to take an interest in nation building by sticking to the standards of sovereignty of country, foster the training on orientation delicate perspectives, ecological mindfulness, and compassionate social mindfulness and investigate the business issues and activity that affect climate awareness and supportability.
  • PO8: Ethics Capacity to embrace moral/ethical qualities in leading one’s life, form a position/contention about a moral issue from various viewpoints, and utilize moral practices in all work. Equipped for illustrating the capacity to recognize moral issues connected with one’s work, stay away from untrustworthy way of behaving like creation, distortion or deception of information or submitting literary theft, not sticking to protected innovation freedoms; appreciating natural furthermore, supportability issues; and taking on level headed, fair and honest activities in all aspects of work.

Program Specific Outcome

  1. In view of the industry picked by the student they would foster a worldwide attention to political, social and corporate issues impact by correspondence awareness and abilities.
  2. Information, abilities, and values will set them up for future professions in our interconnected society, whether in broad media communications or progressed study.
  3. Students will actually create and configure that arises from media items, including web journals, advanced sound, computerized video, online entertainment, digital photography, and media.
  4. The program will likewise give a superior self-awareness certainty and self-viability and a consciousness of their responsibilities as experts in their well known field.
  5. Students will grasp the establishments, process, and practices of composing for and about the media, and show capability recorded as a hard copy across stages.
  6. They will actually be able to conceptualize, plan, and produce at least one works in media in view of successful standards and practices of media style for an interest group.
Effective Communication Skills–I /Effective Communication II To bring awareness of functional & operational language in various media
To equip or enhance students with structural and analytical reading, writing and thinking skills
Fundamentals of Mass Communication To study the evolution of Mass Media as an important social institution and understand the development of Mass Communication models.
Understand the concept of New Media and Media Convergence and its implications.
Foundation Course –I/Foundation Course II To introduce students to the overview of the Indian Society
To acquaint them with the socio-political problems of India.
Current Affairs To generate interest among the learners about burning issues covered in the media that happens in society
To equip them with basic understanding of politics, economics, environment and technology so that students can grasp the relevance of related news.
Visual Communication To equip the  students with tools that would help them visualize and communicate.
To acquire basic knowledge in theories and languages of Visual Communication. The ability to understand and analyze visual communication from a critical perspective.
History of Media To enable the learner to understand the major developments in media history.
To understand the history and role of professionals in shaping communications. To understand the values that shaped and continues to influence Indian mass media
Content Writing Understanding crisp writing as part of Mass Communication.
The ability to draw the essence of situations and develop clarity of thought
Introduction to Journalism To help media students to acquaint themselves with an influential medium of journalism that holds the key to opinion formation & to create awareness.
To understand the various departments of Journalism and understand its functions
Introduction to Advertising To understand an effective advertisement campaigns, tools, models etc. To provide students with various advertising trends, and future
To comprehend the role of advertising, various departments, careers and creativity.
Media, Gender, Culture To understand the association between the media, gender and culture in the society.
To stress on the changing perspectives of media, gender and culture in the globalized era.

Electronic Media –I /Electronic Media -II

To make the students acquainted with working of the two powerful media; i.e. radio and television. The content is useful for both advertising and journalism students in order to further their careers in their respective fields.

Corporate Communication and Public Relations

To introduce the various elements of corporate communication and consider their roles in managing media organizations.
To examine how various elements of corporate communication must be coordinated to communicate effectively in today’s competitive world.
To develop critical understanding of the different practices associated with corporate communication with the latest trends and social media tools

Media Studies

To provide an understanding of media theories. and to understand Media Studies in the context of trends in Global Media
To understand the relationship of media with culture and society

Introduction To Photography

To introduce to media learner the ability of image into effective communication and help the learner understand that media photography is a language of visual communication and is far beyond just point and shoot fun moments.
To practice how picture speaks thousand words by enlightening the learner on how. This develop the base of visualisation among learners in using pictures in practical projects.

Film Communication -I

To inculcate liking and understanding of good cinema and make learners aware with a brief history of movies; the major cinema movements.
Understanding the power of visuals and sound and the ability to make use of them in effective communication giving insight into film techniques and aesthetics.

Computer Multimedia –I/ Computer Multimedia -II

To help learners make media industry ready. This will help learners to be aware of the minimum requirement of the software when stepping out in the industry. The introduction in media soft wares to make the learners understand what goes behind the scene and help them choose their stream.
To help learners to develop skill enough for doing independently the project during TY sem VI.
Writing and Editing for Media Provide the ability to understand writing styles that fit various media platforms. This would help the learner acquire information gathering skills and techniques.
Understanding similarities and differences in writing for all forms of media including internet and digital. The learner will gather knowledge of different news and copy formats along with appropriate style-sheets and layout.
The learner will imbibe the importance of writing clearly, precisely and accurately for different types of audiences and provide basic proficiency in proof-reading and editing.
Media Laws and Ethics To provide the learners with an understanding of laws those impact the media.
To sensitize learners towards social and ethical responsibility of media.
Mass Media Research To introduce learners debates in Research approaches and equip them with tools to carry on research in Media field
To make learners understand the scope & techniques of media research, their utility & limitations
Film Communication II To make learners aware of cinema of different regions and understand the contribution of cinema in society.
How to make technically and grammatically good films And how to do marketing of films keeping economic aspects of film.
ReportingTo enable learners to become Reporters which is supposed to be a prerequisite while entering into the field of Journalism. And to make them understand basic ethos of the news and news-gathering.
 To prepare them to write or present the copy in the format of news and to develop nose for news.
 To make them responsible reporters and the face of media.
Investigative journalismUnderstand the role of investigative reporting in modern journalism but to conduct investigative research in an ethical manner.
 To create and write excellent investigative stories for media.
Also acquire advanced investigative journalistic skills
 To acquire the ability to understand and analyse the key areas of investigative journalism even with limited resources
Writing & editing skillsTo provide learners with tools and techniques of editing and writing. 2
 To acquaint learners with the art of narration and storytelling strictly within the contours of journalistic principles
Business and Financial JournalismTo create awareness about the importance of business and financial news and its role in coverage, reporting and editing
 To improve skills in reporting and writing basic and complex business and financial stories in different beats Also provide a basic understanding of the world of business and finance by localizing financial and economic data effectively.
Mobile Journalism and New MediaGlobal adoption of mobile and its versatility has influenced and changed journalism in New Age Media. M-Learning, in the Era of New Media is the most effective method to get ready for the eventual fate of the media and life in a portable first world.
 Step by step instructions to report and connect with crowds utilizing cell phones.
 The most effective method to settle on educated choices about structure portable news items crosswise over stages. Also to get ready for the eventual fate of wearable’s different patterns that may change the course of portable media and news-casting.
Journalism and Public OpinionTo understand the role of media in influencing and impacting Public opinion. Also to analyse the formation of Public opinion through digital and social media.
 To analyse the impact of the media on public opinion on socio-economic issues. And to make learners aware of theoretical framework of research on media and society
Digital Media Understand digital marketing platform, also the key goals; and stages of digital campaigns;
Understand the of use key digital marketing tools and; Learn to develop digital marketing plans
NEWSPAPER and MAGAZINE DESIGN (PROJECT) The learner is required to understand the process of print media production since the content collection to the final print ready layout. This includes news weightage as well as article relevancy and the visual treatment to the text block. The appearance of the various text blocks matters in layout.
Learner should be able to reconstruct headlines suitable for the space keeping the core meaning and intensity intact. They are expected to develop software skills to be employable in industry. They shall develop the aesthetic vision and understand the discipline behind a layout.
CONTEMPORARY ISSUES To stress the importance of social economic political aspects of the society as a media professional.;
To understand the role of media as a strategy to create awareness on various issues and mobilize to bring social progress.
LIFESTYLE JOURNALISM Acquire a conceptual overview of lifestyle journalism and its function in the media industry. They will acquire an ability to report on lifestyle journalism stories or events in a clear, concise, factual and meaningful way.;
It is a combination of practical skills and conceptual understanding of how this form of journalism is increasingly relevant for the 21stcentury. This will help the learner acquire an ability to understand audiences and markets in which the lifestyle journalists provide information. It will teach students how to do lifestyle journalism with integrity, exploring the broader lifestyle field while focusing on a variety of sub-fields such as travel, music, movies, arts and food, along with students’ special interests
PHOTO AND TRAVEL JOURNALISM To develop the ability of the learner to bring life into the story through characters and descriptions of places using photographs. The learner will be able to spread knowledge about different destinations through writings;
To understand the diverse audiences that are interested in travel and lifestyle related content. And to understand the use of camera and images to drive interest in stories.
MAGAZINE JOURNALISM To introduce learner the nuances of magazine journalism, feature writing and Reviews
COPY WRITING To familiarize the learners with the concept of copywriting as selling through writing and learn the process of creating original, strategic, compelling copy for various mediums
To train learners to generate, develop and express ideas effectively. They will learn the rudimentary techniques of advertising headline and body copywriting, the economy of words and thought peculiar to this type of writing, and the necessity of creative thinking in written expression.
ADVERTISING MARKETING RESEARCH To inculcate the analytical abilities and research skills among the learners. They need to understand research methodologies – Qualitative Vs Quantitative

To discuss the foundations of Research and audience analysis that is imperative to successful advertising .They need to understand the scope and techniques of Advertising and Marketing research, and their utility.
BRAND BUILDING To understand the awareness and growing importance of Brand Building and to know how to build, sustain and grow brands
To know the various new way of building brands and to know about the global perspective of brand building
AGENCY MANAGEMENT To acquaint the students with concepts, techniques and give experience in the application of concepts for developing an effective advertising campaign.
To familiarize learner with the different aspects of running an ad agency and to inculcate competencies thereby enabling to undertake professional work with advertising industry.
CONSUMER BEHAVIOUR To understand the sociological psychological perspective of consumer behavior and the complexities of consumer behavior, its importance in marketing advertising.
To sensitize the changing trends in consumer behavior
GLOBALIZATION INTERNATIONAL ADVERTISING To understand the concept of Globalization and its impact on Global Media and International Advertising that will help the student understand and practice Global Communication. concept of Globalization and its impact on Global Media and International Advertising. 2. To help the student understand and practice Global Communication.
To develop learner’s understanding on Global Brands and introduce the concept and process of International advertising that will help them to formulate international advertising campaign by identifying strategies, barriers, challenges and steps to create international advertising.
Ad designing- project Learner shall understand the process of planning production of the advertisement and highlight the importance of visual language as effective way of communication.
ADVERTISING IN CONTEMPORARY SOCIETY To understand Liberalization and its impact on the economy and other areas of Indian society. It compares and analyse the advertising environment of different countries.
BRAND MANAGEMENT To understand the awareness and growing importance of brand management. And to know how to build, sustain and grow brands
To know the various sources of brand equity also to know about the global perspective of brand management
MEDIA PLANNING BUYING To develop knowledge of major media characteristics also to understand procedures, requirements, and techniques of media planning and buying.
To learn the various media mix and its implementation and understand budget allocation for a Media plan and fundamentals
ENTERTAINMENT MEDIA MARKETING To understand marketing practices, frameworks, and trends in the Entertainment Sector also to Introduce them to television industry and film industry. 3
To make learners go through different case studies regarding radio marketing skills, Social media marketing skills etc. It will help to know the impact of media industry on the viewers, understanding its characteristics