Bachelor of Science In Hospitality Studies

Programme Outcomes (POs)
hotel management bg elment
  • PO 1:  Knowledge Ability to gain and apply Knowledge of principles, concepts, Practical’s and theories in different areas of Hospitality Department basically, complete functioning of hotels and tourism and its business outcome. To demonstrate, knowledge and understanding in diverse subjects and apply it to their workplace.
  • PO 2 : Creativity and Innovation Acquire the potentiality to apply a logical and creativity thoughts,actions and develops the self-creativity abilities and compare it with real industry scenario.
  • PO 3 : Multidisciplinary Perceives knowledge as an comprehensive, interrelated and integrated faculty of human minds which develops beauteousness, social humanistic and artistic sensibilities for problem solving and understanding the issues of environmental context in all disciplines.
  • PO 4 : Employability Skills Foremost employability skills in almost 40 different departments like Food production, Food and Beverage services, Front Office, Housekeeping, hotel accounting, Human Resource Management, Principle of Management, Law pertaining to the hotel, and Tourism Management, soft skills, IT skills etc. where they exhibits problem solving skills, decision making skills, interpersonal skills, leadership skills to be an employable citizens of the country.
  • PO 5 : Effective Communication, Interpersonal and Social Skill Develops business analytical and communication skills, interpersonal skills and social skill. Display efficient verbal, non-verbal and written communication and acquire ability to use appropriate media to speak, read ,write and listen effectively with all stakeholders and learn to articulate, analyses, synthesis and evaluate ides and situation in well informed manner.
  • PO 6 : Ecological Consciousness and supportability Learn to participate in nation building by adhering to the principles of nation. Ecological building is the strategic choice of the economy and society sustainable development and the key of the harmonious development between person and nature. It develop the practice on gender sensitive attitudes, environmental awareness, and empathetic social awareness and analyses the business issues and action that have an impact on environment consciousness and sustainability.
  • PO 7 : EthicsUnderstand and recognize the value system, moral dimension and self-responsibility for nation and society. Demonstrates personal, intellectual integrity and academic accountability and develops an ability to understand and apply professional ethics.