Research Incentive Scheme

Letter Head



The primary objective of the proposed incentive scheme is to motivate the faculty members of our college to undertake quality research, consultancy and other research related activities.


Teaching staff members who have completed 1 years of continuous service (Continued for second year) as on 1st June of every academic year shall be eligible for sponsorship for Professional memberships, Workshops, Seminars, International/ National Conferences, FDP/ STTPs, NPTEL/Certification Courses etc



Sr. No. Scheme No. of Faculties allowed in an academic year Max. Amount (80% of actual amount or 1000/- whichever is less)  Amount Sanctioned
1 FDP/SDP/STTP 6 Faculty 1000/-per Faculty 6000/-
2 Research Publications and Presenting research papers in Conference (UGC CARE Listed) 6 Faculty 1500/-per Faculty 9000/-
3 Research Publications in Scopus/ Web of Science/ ABDC International Journal 2 Faculty 3000/-per Faculty 6000/-
4 SWAYAM (NPTEL), COURSERA, NITI, TISS or other Certification courses 4 Faculty with silver medal or gold medal 1000/-per Faculty 4000/-
5 Research Project Grants 2 Faculty 1000/-per Faculty 2000/-
6 Books (College name should be mentioned in the book) 3 Faculty 2000/-per Faculty 6000/-
7 Patents (Till 5th Position) 2 Faculty 2000/-per Faculty 4000/-
8 Professional Membership (National/ International Organization-Education) 3 Faculty 1000/-per Faculty 3000/-
Total 40,000/-
In words – Forty Thousand only/-


  • Application of reimbursement will be considered depending upon seniority and no. of times application made by an applicant.
  • Individual facility can put forward his/her application for any one of the above mentioned schemes in the current semester.
  • For availing more than one scheme by an individual, there should be no faculty applying in the said scheme. Then a faculty can apply for two schemes at a time.
  • Only original research work will be considered. Student’s publication will not be allowed.
  • When a research publication has multiple authors, the cash incentive shall be divided equally among the first two authors. Only SLRTCE authors shall qualify for the incentive.
  • It is the responsibility of the faculty member to produce evidence of having published paper in the UGC approved or refereed journal and the impact factor of the journal. She/he has to produce a printed copy.
  • When a paper being presented in National/ international conferences has multiple authors, the right of Claim the paper will be restricted to the first author; and if the first author so permits to the second author in lieu of the first.
  • Teachers are advised to apply to the Principal in prescribed Performa before going for the activity. Application shall be forwarded to the Principal, with due remarks by the department head, through respective department. If approved, staff members shall be reimbursed in the following way and his/her period of absence shall be treated as outdoor duty period.
  • Apply to the Principal for approval for participation and reimbursement of participation/registration fee. Expected outcome of such participation shall also be mentioned in the application. Application shall also be supplemented with paper to be read/published, etc. as the case may be.
  • Staff member shall submit all payment receipt along with report, through the Head of Dept., to the Principal for final sanction.
  • Reimbursement will be at the end of each semester. (Nov and April)
  • Accounts section shall reimburse the sanctioned amount within 7 working days to the staff member on certification by HOD
5.0 Higher Studies Eligibility
  • At a time only three faculties are allowed to pursue higher studies per department every year.
  • The faculty with more than 3 continuous years of service can get study leave to pursue PhD as per requirement and after the approval by authority.
  • The faculty with less than 3 continuous years of service can get casual leave only to pursue PhD / post-doctoral research.
  • The employee pursuing higher studies has to execute a bond agreeing to serve the institute for three (3) years. If the employee doesn’t fulfill the requirement mentioned in the bond, will be liable to pay Rs. 2.5 Lakh to the institute.
  • Non-teaching staff after 3 years of continuous service in the college can pursue Diploma/Degree courses by availing study leave; however the course pursued should be of direct advantage to institute’s interest.
  • The employee on return should submit full report on the work done during study leave period.
  • Any faculty pursuing PhD from un-recognized university will not be considered for any kind of promotion.

The College (SLRTD) reserves the right to amend the above leave rules from time to time with the approval of its Governing Body without prior notice.